Reapit Launches Platform as a Service to Accelerate Global PropTech Innovation

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In response to overwhelming demand by property agencies and PropTech solutions, Reapit will be opening up their award-winning CRM platform and customer database as the foundations for global integration and innovation

LONDON, 16 July 2019 – Reapit, a market leader in CRM and property management software for property agencies, is announcing the launch of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to accelerate global PropTech innovation. Reapit’s PaaS, aptly named Foundations, will allow PropTech companies and agencies to integrate and extend the functionality of Reapit’s award-winning Agency Cloud and Property Cloud solutions.

Leading the PropTech market, Reapit is the first property CRM in the UK to open its platform and customer base to external developers, and aims to deliver a seamless, integrated technology solution for property agencies while driving a universal standard for customer data sharing within the PropTech industry.

Reapit’s CRM solution is a natural platform for innovation as it sits at the heart of property agencies’ customer journeys; from marketing properties, building new prospect databases, and tracking sales and tenancy progression, to managing landlord and tenancy relationships. Allowing third-party PropTech companies and agency developers to create new apps and solutions that extend Reapit’s Agency Cloud and Property Cloud software, and distributing them to Reapit’s customer database, will significantly speed up customer innovation for agencies, simplify IT management, and create a global standard for customer data management across the PropTech industry.

The Foundations platform will include a self-service developer portal with registration, documentation, sandbox and analytics. The platform will also include a curated app marketplace for customers to quickly and easily choose third-party solutions that are already fully tested and integrated into Reapit’s platform.

Gary Barker, CEO at Reapit, said: “We’ve seen increasing demand from PropTech companies and our customers to integrate with Reapit’s CRM. Today the market offers siloed APIs so vendors can exchange data, but we believe there is a bigger opportunity to drive an entire ecosystem of innovation and to standardise customer data, giving customers more choice and simplified IT management. The vision therefore was the development of a platform that would allow Reapit and our partners to work together earlier, from the point of feature development, to accelerate the innovation of solutions that will enhance the entire customer journey. By opening up our platform as a service and making it easy to develop new tools utilising the Reapit cloud database, scalable infrastructure, and CRM software, we can significantly speed up global innovation in the property software market and give our customers an unlimited choice of tools for their business growth.”

Barker added: “The real exciting part about the PaaS is how it not only helps PropTech companies come together and innovate, but how it empowers our customers to also develop on the platform, creating unique apps and workflow solutions that give their businesses the competitive edge they are looking for software to deliver. We see this as a game changer for the industry and ultimately will replace any need for property agencies to develop their own CRM system or software.”

Dawson Scott, CTO/CPO at Reapit, also commented: “Developers and agencies will be able to use Reapit’s Foundations platform to quickly build apps that extend our software offer. The apps can be distributed securely within an organisation or published to the Reapit marketplace, providing access to Reapit’s existing customer base with more than 40,000 users globally.”

Scott explained that the Foundations platform is a new global cloud-based infrastructure with event-driven architecture, an authentication layer with support for Windows and Azure AD, and multi-factor authentication and API Gateway. “This is so much more than the industry’s usual offering of an API exposing a data model – I can’t wait to share more at the developer event in November”, he added.

Reapit’s Foundations platform will be available later in this year, preceded by the launch of their ISV Partner Program in November. The partner program will be the framework for PropTech companies to sign up and utilise the Foundations platform and marketplace.

Paul Starkey, Chief Commercial Officer at Reapit, explained the outline of the program, saying: “Our goal for the Reapit ISV Partner Program is to deliver the first real technology-led partner ecosystem in PropTech. Beyond the PaaS integration benefits, the ISV Partner Program will also offer a host of additional benefits including co-marketing and co-development opportunities with Reapit.”

PropTech companies and agencies can sign up today for the November launch event here.


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Founded in 1997, The Reapit Group is a CRM and Client Accounting software provider specialising in the residential real estate sector. Bringing 20 years of innovation to the property market, their award-winning software provides everything estate agents need to run and grow their businesses, from sales to lettings, front office to back office, and everything in between. The driving force behind Reapit’s ethos is a commitment to bring all an agency’s data together for a single customer view, and together with its powerful service and training model, the company has helped to grow leading brands. The Reapit open platform partner program is at the hub of a PropTech ecosystem delivering tested solutions and increasing choice of tools for agents. Together, the group provides software solutions to over 40,000 users worldwide, managing nearly 100,000 tenancies across more than 4,000 offices across the UK and Australia. For more information, please visit

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