Turn your data into business intelligence

Analyse your agency's core activities. Interrogate your data using your preferred business intelligence tool.


Reduce the time and effort it takes to analyse your data

Transform raw data into easy-to-understand visual dashboards within your favourite business intelligence tools.


Gain an edge on the competition

Unlock business opportunities and identify emerging trends by deep diving into your property insights.


A powerful reporting tool

Merge real-time reports with third-party data to share holistic agency insights across your teams.

DataWarehouse is absolutely fundamental to this agency and its growth strategy. It offers us the ability to display our data in a real-time and 100% accurately; and to get all of the data that we need, in the format that we need, when we need it.
Karl Tatler
We plugged into DataWarehouse and it's given us a whole new world of possibilities. It’s a total game changer.
Sherry Fitzgerald

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Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to your most important questions

Do I need a separate business intelligence tool?

Yes. DataWarehouse gives you easy access to your data, but you will need a third-party business intelligence tool to analyse and present that data in a dashboard. You can also export the data into Excel reports.

How much does DataWarehouse cost?

DataWarehouse pricing depends on usage and the size of the data warehouse required.

What do the dashboards look like?

That totally depends on which reports you choose to build with the data available.

What is DataWarehouse powered by?

Reapit DataWarehouse is powered by Snowflake, a cloud-based data storage and analytics service (generally described as Data Warehouse as a Service).

What kind of data can I analyse?

The reporting capabilities with DataWarehouse are almost endless– enabling you to analyse and compare your agency's overall performance, regional KPIs, historical trends, and much more.

What support do you provide?

DataWarehouse is a self-service model. It's user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation means there is no need for any support during implementation, connection to the warehouse, or while using any third-party software such as BI applications.