For estate and lettings agencies of all sizes

Reapit technology helps agencies of all sizes to build relationships and grow their businesses.


A partner for growth

No matter what size or what goals you have, we have the solutions to help you run and grow your agency.


The platform for startups and established local agencies

All the essentials you need to run your sales, lettings and property management.


The platform for small and rapidly growing agency chains

All the tools your teams need to be great at their jobs.


The platform for large agency and franchise chains

Manage all the complexities of your agency/business.


From go-live onwards we've got you covered


    Get up and running fast

    Our customer journey is designed for a seamless and disruption-free launch.


    Get the most from your investment

    Grow your business and empower your team with Reapit Training Academy.


    We've got your back

    Your success is our focus.

2/3 of the UK’s most profitable estate agencies use Reapit software*

* CompanyInsight – UK Estate Agents 2023


Discover why thousands of estate and lettings agencies choose Reapit software

Hear from happy Reapit customers. Discover why they chose us, and how the Reapit software platform helps them build relationships and grow their businesses.

Saints Estate Consultancy: we use Reapit’s power reports to save 25 hours a week

Reapit’s Power Reporting and Customer Success team helped Saints Estate Consultancy to save 25 hours per week and generate an additional £20,000.

Stones Property: Reapit saves us time and helps us grow our business

Ruban Thavanesan, Director of award-winning agency Stones Property, explains how Reapit saves them time and helps their business grow through innovative features, ease of use, and powerful integrations with leading PropTech suppliers.

Property Shop: we track essential business opportunities with customisable dashboards

Property Shop uses Reapit's powerful reporting tools and custom power organiser panels to ensure they can capitalise on every opportunity and efficiently manage their sales and lettings portfolio.

We're saving about a day's worth of work per week, maybe more – Reapit has been a game-changer. The platform has increased productivity and cost-effectiveness, so we can focus on growing our agency and spending more time with clients.
Having used Reapit for 15 years, I can't recommend the platform enough. They are constantly striving to improve their offering and genuinely take your feedback and comments on board, making changes that you actually need that are beneficial to your business.
Ben Charles Estate Agents
We are always looking for ways to be more efficient with our work, to give us more time helping our customers – and using Reapit gives us that.
Bloom Residential
The support that Reapit delivers is with an experienced team, a team that works in the estate agency world. We’re talking about people that understand what we do on a day-to-day basis.
Central Estates

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