Property market to be connected by blockchain: Reapit joins Coadjute platform

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London, UK; 11 June 2020: Reapit and Coadjute today announced that they would be joining forces to accelerate the digital transformation of the UK housing market. Connecting estate agent and conveyancer systems on the Coadjute blockchain platform is one of the first steps to achieving a faster and safer way of conducting property transactions. Buyers and sellers will also benefit from an automated, real-time view of the transaction process. 

Today, the property buying process can be slow, complex and costly for both customers and the businesses that serve them. This often isn’t caused by the companies themselves, but by the lack of connectivity between them. Coadjute’s blockchain platform is an open network which will connect the businesses that take part in property transactions.   

Dan Salmons, CEO at Coadjute said “We see a future where estate agents and conveyancers spend much more of their time on the property transaction itself, and much less on administration.  No one wants to spend hours chasing up other parties involved on the phone, email or fax, but today that’s needed to get the job done. By connecting the parties digitally, estate agents and conveyancers will get more of the information they need, quicker, and can focus on what matters most – helping a customer move home”.

The platform will allow estate agents and conveyancers using Reapit’s software in future to view a transaction’s progress and status, receive synchronised alerts, and share messages and documents rapidly and securely.  This will enable them to conduct the transaction faster, with less friction and more securely, and keep buyers and sellers more up to date, improving the customer experience.

Paul Starkey, Reapit’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented: “Reapit’s Foundations platform enables instant integration with some of the smartest, most effective PropTech solutions on the market today. Coadjute is one such a solution that we’re pleased to partner with, and we’re very excited for our customers to benefit from the greater transparency and increased efficiency in the progression of property transactions.”           

The UK government has called on the property industry to accelerate digitisation, and estate agents and conveyancers have a central role to play. Reapit is among the first of a group of leading property businesses that will be connecting to the Coadjute blockchain network, representing a significant step forward towards the goal of a truly digital property market.


About Coadjute

Coadjute is a blockchain property technology business headquartered in London. Our open network is designed to cut the cost and increase the speed of property transactions by connecting the businesses that power property market operations. Over the last 18 months we have conducted trials with over 40 leading businesses in the property industry, and we are due to launch the network in the UK later in 2020.

About Reapit

Founded in 1997, The Reapit Group is a CRM and Client Accounting software provider specialising in the residential real estate sector. Bringing 20 years of innovation to the property market, their award-winning software provides everything estate agents need to run and grow their businesses, from sales to lettings, front office to back office, and everything in between. Reapit’s Agency Cloud and Property Cloud software products include the Sales and Lettings CRM, Property Management and Client Accounts; supported with powerful Analytics and Online solutions. The driving force behind Reapit’s ethos is a commitment to bring all an agency’s data together for a single customer view, and together with its powerful service and training model, the company has helped to grow leading brands. The Reapit open platform partner program is at the hub of a PropTech ecosystem delivering tested solutions and increasing choice of tools for agents. Together, the group provides software solutions to over 60,000 users worldwide, managing nearly 115,000 tenancies across more than 6,000 offices across the UK and Australia. For more information, please visit