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Up Your Game with Reapit Training Academy

In early November we launched the Reapit Training Academy accompanied with a completely redesigned Reapit IQ to enhance learning experiences for our customers with several training levels, proficiency certification and new courses for each stage along their journey. But why do we put such an emphasis on our training offer?

Knowing your software like the back of your hand is key to getting the job done quicker and better, to ultimately deliver exceptional service at every client touchpoint. And that success you seek as an agency matters to us at Reapit, because we’re committed to helping our customers put growth in repeat. So, as an ongoing priority, we are constantly finding ways to improve both the accessibility and the quality of our training for all our customers. Training that helps to grow careers beyond the immediate, and that is so rich in scope and scale that anyone would be hard pressed to exhaust the available library. Not to mention interesting: more than 50,000 videos have been watched on Reapit IQ since the beginning of the year alone.

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Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Proficiency certification that marks you out as an achiever
  • A completely revamped Reapit IQ for easier navigation
  • Impactful new content to make you a master of Reapit software

Become Reapit software certified

Another factor we’ve considered is that, on average, today’s worker will change jobs every 5 years. Reapit looks out for its users wherever they are in their career, with certified qualifications in our software that will be accepted by agencies across the UK.

To enhance our training offering and to give every student of Reapit clear milestones along their development journey, the Reapit Training Academy is now awarding proficiency-level certification in Reapit software.

Reapit Training Levels_

Each stage is carefully curated and managed by our dedicated training staff to ensure that your development journey delivers on attainable milestones and applicable knowledge in every day-to-day aspect of your agency and role.

New Reapit IQ

Reapit IQ, the online training resource portal of the Reapit Training Academy, has been redeveloped for an enhanced learning experience. Offering a range of exciting benefits that will improve your expertise with Reapit software:

A whole new look for easier navigation.

  • More content with new videos, webinars and live classroom opportunities.
  • Full certification across four tiers – Proficient, Practitioner, Expert and Master.
  • The latest Agency Cloud and Property Cloud product updates.

It’s never been easier to learn with Reapit IQ, with on demand training resources, the accessibility to learn at your own pace, and a blended learning experience across multiple different mediums include videos, webinars and classroom training.

New Webinars

Reapit IQ relaunches with all-new webinar content. Here are our chosen top three guaranteed to give you a running start if you’re new to the Reapit platform. And if you think you’re already proficient with our software, these webinars might reveal new tips and insights to help you improve your daily performance.

Webinar #1: Introduction to Reporting

Still in the dark about Power Reports? Still struggling with knowing where to start? This Practitioner-level webinar will get you on track. You will learn how to correctly start, build up & save a Power Report, giving you the knowledge to request management information from Agency Cloud at negotiator, branch or company level.

Webinar #2: Unlocking the Power Organiser

Have you got control over your day? Is all the key information you need at hand? Is the system helping you focus yourself or your staff? This Practitioner-level training is delivered as a webinar session and will solve these issues for you.

Webinar #3: Identifying Opportunities & Prospecting

Are you effectively using the software to build your business? Do you know how to use your data to maximum effect? This Practitioner-level training is delivered as a webinar and will get you on track.


Already a Reapit customer?

Continue your journey to product mastery with the Reapit Training Academy and Reapit IQ.