A better, smarter RPS user experience

September 6th, 2018

Technology can save you a lot of time, but only if it keeps up with the times.


The Reapit platform is lauded for saving estate agents time and effort, but we know that to continue to do so, our system has to stay ahead of the curve – which naturally puts our customers there too.


That’s why the Reapit RPS desktop application is currently undergoing a visual and functional overhaul to reflect the generally accepted usage patterns that today’s tech users already know and expect. These improvements will make it easier to access functional capabilities, while reducing the time spent on the system – including training hours for new staff. It will also create a visual and functional synergy between the RPS desktop and mobile version.


In short, it’s all about improving the customer experience by making the use of the platform more intuitive and more familiar, even to newcomers.


One such area that will seem far more familiar, is the search functionality. Continuously browsing the internet and our devices, means we’ve all become used to a consistent search functionality. That behaviour pattern has been worked into the RPS platform so that searching is now more accessible via easy to find search boxes throughout the new main menu. This means no more toggling between different screens to search through various parts of your system plus a smarter, more interactive search function.


The Diary and Power Organiser have been given a fresh new look. The News Feed, previously only accessible from the Power Organiser, can now be accessed from any location in RPS via the new main menu. The News Feed is delivered as a continuous, visible stream, in a format you’ll instantly recognise from typical social media platforms. That means wherever you find yourself in the system, you will be able to see your activity stream and notifications as they come in.


To make sure that help is always just a click away, we’ve also placed the user manuals front and foremost in the new main menu and, of course, they can be searched for too.


Reapit’s Craig Bryan, who has been heading up the overhaul, summarised the benefits spot-on when he noted: “Searching and navigating the system should be much more immediate, saving our customers valuable time. That’s one of our major goals in moving forward on these improvements”.


The latest version, which implements the new main menu, is expected to go live by the end of September. After this roll out, more changes will be seen in subsequent versions until the entire interface has been overhauled.


This leaves our customers with more time to do what they do best: grow their business.

Contributor: Matt Goddard, Chief Product Officer , Reapit