Top 5 tips to convert applicants

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February 28th, 2019

Considering the cost it takes to get a lead – from advertising to PR to relationship building – could you be doing more to turn leads into clients? To not only recover the spent cost but also generate profit? Your social media game might be on point and your advertorials eye-catching, but throughout agency branches across the UK, applicant lists are being neglected and underutilised. These lists represent the lifeblood of any healthy agency and, with a steady flow of fresh instructions, can boost leads exponentially. Today we’re looking at effective tactics from agents that excel at maximising potential client leads, and we’ll explain how RPS – Reapit’s all-in-one, single-platform software solution for estate agents, with tools covering sales, lettings, property management, client accounts, analytics, online and mobile – can help you maximise your conversions and transform your success.

Here are our top 5 tips to convert applicants:

1) Train Appropriately 

Are the buyers being met and qualified by the right staff? Are they capable of recognising a potential client? Inexperienced receptionists or administrators who do not possess sales skills should receive appropriate training if they are expected to register buyers, recognise potential clients and record them appropriately.

All Reapit clients have access to a suite of learning tools that teach the use of RPS from an industry best practice perspective, based on our experiences of working alongside some of the most successful sales and lettings businesses over the last 20 years. These cater for all learning styles, ranging from written documentation, webinars, videos and face-to-face training courses.

2) Review Applicants

Do you have a daily review of all applications made? Reviewing the previous day’s applicants in a structured daily morning meeting is an excellent way to ensure all vendor opportunities have been flagged. Have those with suitable properties to sell been flagged as potential clients in your database?

RPS has several powerful reporting tools that can be used to drive successful morning meetings, for both sales and lettings offices. The Sales and Lettings Daily Reports provide relevant real-time information that focus on branch and staff performance from the previous day or month, and Power Reports allow managers to run bespoke reports focussing on almost any element of the business activity.

3) Know your area like the back of your hand

Are your sales team knowledgeable of their covered geography? All members of the sales team should have a good understanding of the geographical areas covered in all branches, and a strong knowledge of their own so that they can talk confidently about the types of property available within their own area. An appreciation of recent sales and instructions would also be beneficial. Appropriate training/coaching should be arranged if this knowledge is lacking.

RPS Power Reports allow staff in sales and lettings offices to mine data relating to current, recent and historic sales and tenancies, in an almost infinite number of ways. Google mapping functionality within this powerful reporting tool provides high levels of precision when identifying relevant local streets, districts and areas.

4) Communicate Effectively

Is there a clear understanding of the company’s unique selling propositions? Are negotiators able to communicate them effectively to prospective vendors? Regular training with role-play exercises helps to reinforce this.

The GDPR compliant Categories, Mailing and Events functionality in RPS allows businesses to store detailed information relating to any landlord, vendor, applicant or tenant. This can then be used to drive successful personalised marketing campaigns with prospective clients, even long after their own property transactions have completed.

5) Provide Incentives

Is there a financial incentive scheme in place based on identifying potential clients within both their own offices and the rest of the group? Would staff league tables based on identifying potential clients generate enthusiasm? This can often be a very positive motivator in younger, more assertive sales teams.

RPS can help to drive the inter-branch referral of prospective clients by automatically alerting branches of any potential vendors living within their business areas, once they register. Centralised contact records create a single reference point for customers with different buying requirements over multiple areas within a branch network, allowing the business to provide a professional joined-up customer experience, irrespective of which branch they communicate with.

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