The Six Golden Rules of Data Accuracy

April 30th, 2020

Having a checklist of golden rules ensures you have a set of minimum standards to work from. We refer to these as the ‘Golden Rules’ – focus on these and your reports will be more valuable, accurate and assist you to generate and complete business. The age-old rule of “quality data=quality reports” is still as valid as ever.

1) Always check for duplicates using the Universal Search

The Universal Search function acts as a search engine for the Agency Cloud platform database, allowing a quick search to be performed across the whole database from a single search field. This should be the first port of call when registering any applicant, vendor or property – they may already be in your system and it’s important to avoid duplicating records, which can lead to poorer data accuracy.

2) Essential Applicant data

Ensure the applicant criteria is correct: requirements, status, area, price range and postcode. You should always ensure that an applicant also has accurate and up-to-date contact details (phone, email etc), including a landline number for security.

See our Training video on entering an applicant if you would like a refresher:

3) Essential Vendor data

Effective and quick communication is key in any deal, so we recommend at least one telephone number is added to a vendor record, alongside an email address, source of enquiry and their reason for selling. 

4) Essential Market Appraisal data

Ensure the appraisal appointment details are added to your Agency Cloud diary as soon as you have added the Property Record. And remember to add a valid/future next call date to ensure the property is kept in the list of Vendors to Call on the Power Organiser.

5) Essential Instruction data

Focus on adding as much detail as possible, including exact address/location of the property, descriptions and ensure the correct rate of commission is entered.

6) Add Contact Notes and Next Call Date

Enter a contact note whenever a conversation has taken place with the vendor/potential vendor, which will then prompt you to update the last/next call dates. This will ensure the property appearing in the Power Organiser screen on the next call date as a reminder to call the vendor again. The next call date can also be entered or altered manually.

Our range of online training courses and webinars available on Reapit IQ can provide you with a refresher of topics you may have covered in the past to ensure your data is as valuable as possible, you may even learn something new!

The following webinar on Reapit IQ may be particularly useful:

Our Knowledge Base article on the Golden Rules of database requirements could also help to boost your data accuracy: