Levelling up: how a quality CRM provider helps your agency grow

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Success with your chosen CRM solution should not be a one-and-done package. Once you team up with a stellar CRM provider, it’s not just about a transactional exchange. It’s about having a partner by your side, cheering you on and helping you achieve CRM greatness.

Good suppliers want you to maximise your use of their software, because this mutually beneficial relationship means that your agency consistently performs at its best and they receive your continued business. So, in this blog we shall explore what a quality CRM provider will offer to give you all the support you need.

1. Data migration

Once you have a chosen a new CRM, a quality CRM provider will ensure your onboarding experience is seamless and disruption-free. Getting your data migrated over successfully to your new solution can be a challenge for many CRM providers, but a good provider will have experienced data and implementation specialists available to migrate 100% of your nominated data and support your agency during the transition. Having actual people manage the migration rather than simply using an automated tool will result in a much more efficient and accurate transfer of your data.

Ask your preferred supplier if they have:

  • Experienced data and migration specialists
  • A tried and tested change management methodology
  • Familiarity with migrating data from legacy systems
  • Security and data privacy controls for customer data

2. Training

Quality CRMs should also come with quality training. Good CRM suppliers are not just interested in selling you a product and moving on. They will offer training at no extra cost to ensure both a smooth adoption and ongoing training support to facilitate the growth and expertise of your agents even as new features and improvements are implemented into the solution. Training experiences should include video tutorials, skill assessments, live webinars, and in-person learning.

Good CRM suppliers will also provide different options and levels of learning. We all learn in different ways and CRM users will all be at very different stages of learning. New starters will need to be brought up to speed on their first day (especially during onboarding), and experienced users will want to be able to access content which can enhance their knowledge.

Ask your preferred CRM supplier if their training is:

  • Available 24/7 – allowing your agents to pick and choose when they learn
  • Unlimited – to ensure that your operations are not affected by employee churn
  • Complimentary – as a good supplier will want you to get the best from your CRM
  • Flexible – enabling individuals to learn at their own pace and in a way that fits their unique needs

3. Customer Success

Software companies are now making Customer Success Management a standard offering. However, the level of service, quality, approach, and relevance is not always the same, and companies often fail to realise agreed customer outcomes and support customer aspirations. A quality CRM supplier will work with you to help your agency meet its business objectives and priorities.

Ask your preferred CRM supplier if they offer:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Regular face-to-face visits or remote meetings
  • Bespoke value reports to gain insights into your business
  • Optimised business plans tailored towards your CRM goals

4. Support

Just as important as training is a robust and efficient support structure from your chosen supplier to ensure that any issues are dealt with a swiftly as possible, because as we all know, lost time is lost revenue. Your CRM is a business-critical system, so it should be backed up with a 24/7 dedicated support functionality to quickly address any issues which may impact on your business.

Ask your preferred CRM supplier if their support includes the following:

  • Log, update, view and escalate issues 24/7 – so that your agents can see the status of their case, see support team updates and comment in real time.
  • All correspondence is maintained in one place – full visibility reduces email chains, confusion, or misunderstandings.
  • Support accessible from within your CRM – your agents should not have to look far for help, it should be available at the click of a button.
  • Self-service knowledge base – many questions or issues can quickly be resolved by the user themselves with access to comprehensive FAQs.

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