How to monitor lettings enquiries with daily reporting

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How to monitor lettings enquiries with daily reporting

Recently we have been witnessing an increasing volume of lettings enquiries, and with the lifting of restrictions on home viewings and moves, activity in this sector of the market is set to return very quickly.

The Lettings Daily Report in Reapit Agency Cloud provides an instant overview of how your business is operating with a grid-based view that makes it easy to drill into the detail of opportunities and business performance.

Within the current climate, it’s a valuable reporting tool to monitor activity within your business and to identify potential opportunities that you can either capitalise on now or use to hit the ground running over the coming weeks.

There are several categories within the Lettings Daily Report that provide an overview of how your business is performing and we cover some of the key ones here:

  • New Applicants – New applicants will be pulled into Agency Cloud using our Internet Registration tool (read our accompanying article on applicant registrations for more detail). You will be able to see how many applicants have registered within the stipulated time period and use this as an opportunity to qualify their criteria. The report will allow you to determine the level of applicants contacting your business – a useful statistic to present when speaking with current and potential landlords.

  • Properties Available – Any property that becomes available within the time period will appear in this data set; use this to contact landlords, keep them briefed on the market, possibly encourage virtual viewings but also vital to keep in touch from a client-care perspective.

  • Arranging Tenancies – The current downtime provides a great opportunity to tie-up those deals and ensure that tenancies are signed and exchanged to move in as soon as is possible. The Lettings Daily Report is a useful tool for managers to see which tenancies require some attention to get them over the line.

  • Withdrawn Offers – Using this report as a call list you can review why an applicant’s offer was withdrawn. Would they be willing to offer again now the market is opening up and restrictions are being lifted? Did they search through another agent? A perfect opportunity to re-qualify the applicant now to build up a strong applicant pool for when the market picks up.

  • Pending Offers – An opportunity to generate business and keep deal volumes ticking over – why are the offers pending? Have they been put forward to the landlord?

  • Property Withdrawals – Similar to withdrawn offers, what was the reason for the property being withdrawn? Use your data set to update a landlord on the market, such as how many applicants have registered looking for their style of property.

In normal circumstances, the Lettings Daily Report is perfect for morning meetings, enabling managers to see what happened during the previous day and to focus their team on areas to improve on in the day ahead. It is also an invaluable overall management report to review performance for the company, office or individual.

To develop an expert proficiency on how to grow your lettings business in Agency Cloud we recommend the following webinar on Reapit IQ.