How to import and report on portal leads

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Did you know you can import your Portal Leads directly into your Agency Cloud solution?

The Internet Registrations functionality provides you with a central location to collate and manage all Applicant & Valuation portal leads for both Sales and Lettings across your offices directly from within Agency Cloud, without the need to manually enter information into new or existing records, saving your team precious time processing enquires coming into the branch from the portals.

The tool imports the leads as they are sent to you and then places them into a holding area within Agency Cloud for your teams to then process.


How it works:

All your team has to do is access the “Internet Registrations” tab on their Power Organiser and then begin working through the list of enquires that have come through to the branch by selecting one of three options available to them:

  1. Add as Applicant – This option takes the information provided within the enquiry email and creates a new Applicant Record, populating the relevant fields automatically (name, address, etc) while also placing a copy of the original enquiry within the Notes field on the record for reference.

During this step, Agency Cloud will prompt the user to perform a search on your database using unique identifiers (phone number/email address) to help ensure that duplicate records are not created in the system.

  1. Reject by E-mail – This option is used for a request which cannot be added to the system (e.g. property that the customer has enquired about has sold). The option removes the enquiry from the Internet Registrations screen and populates an email back to the customer with pre-defined text that can be edited.
  1. Spam – This option deletes the entry completely and is used if the item is identified as Spam.

Reporting options:

Four reports are available to provide you with a breakdown of the origin, outcome and the volume of enquiries that have been processed through Agency Cloud.

These in-depth reports are useful for tracking various metrics across your offices, such as ROI on advertising spend, with the reports giving a breakdown of enquiry volumes from each portal individually along with the outcome of that enquiry (e.g. did the valuation result in a won instruction and then go onto complete). 

These can be found from within Agency Cloud by accessing the Reports Menu> MI Analysis > Portal Reports.


We are also currently testing our new Portal Analysis report. This report combines the functionality of the above four reports into one interactive easy-to-use dashboard.


Key contacts can request further information about this report from their Customer Success Manager.

More information (Reapit customers only):

Further information on how to use the functionality and available reporting options can be found in our guide here: Internet Registrations Guide

You can also find our useful set-up guides here:

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