How Adobe Sign integrates with Reapit Agency Cloud

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This year has proven to be a challenging time for all, so anything that can make life a little more streamlined for agents is a welcome change. Reapit Agency Cloud has a particularly useful integration with Adobe Sign, which boasts a number of benefits to you and your business.

Socially distanced and environmentally friendly – Handle your documents contactless, whilst being mindful, economical, and forward thinking.

Time saving and efficient – Send your documents for digital signature directly from the Letters section, no need to go anywhere else. The whole process can take just a few minutes from sending to receiving the signature back from your client, a huge time saver, especially if sending overseas.

Cost Effective – at just £150 per licence for an Adobe licence through the Reapit partnership and 5 Agency Cloud templates coded for use with Adobe free of charge, you will soon see the cost benefits to your business.

Your clients will receive the Adobe document via email, and simply click to sign. You can check who has signed/ awaiting signature through your Agency Cloud Adobe report, once fully signed you can save to relevant record by hitting the ‘save document’ option.

Read what some of our customers have to say about the integration

Enabling this feature as a Reapit customer

If you would like information on getting set up, please contact your Customer Success Manager, who will be happy to help.

We also have a training video available on Reapit IQ if you would like to learn more about how Adobe Sign integrates with Reapit Agency Cloud and how to use it.

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In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?