Are you tracking and evaluating applicant registrations?

Are you tracking and evaluating applicant registrations
May 14th, 2020

As this week’s Yomdel Sentiment Tracker highlights, activity is still increasing for both buyers and tenants, so as your teams start returning to the office over the next few weeks it is key that they maximise every single opportunity.


Have you considered?

  • How do you track your applicant registrations?
  • How many VIPs have you registered?
  • How many investors/landlords have been added to your database this week?
  • Which buyers are Hot and ready to buy?

The Agency Cloud Applicant Analysis report allows you to use this data to identify opportunities, revenue and accountability. Accessed through the Reports menu in Reapit Agency Cloud, it is part of the Management Information (MI) Suite of reports, which allows a month-on-month overview of applicant activity.


The heat map in the report (displayed above) allows you to visually see where your applicants are coming from and to spot any trends; for example, applicants moving out of London onto the commuter belt, or applicants looking to downsize to the New Forest.

The report also allows you to apply a number of filters so that you can sort applicants by Status, Buying Reason, Selling Position and Price Range, to name a few, to create more targeted lists and campaigns.


The report also highlights other key information such as applicants who have viewed zero, single or multiple properties. And from a management view the report can assist you with identifying if your negotiators are simply taking direction from their clients or whether they are taking the initiative to consider other properties the applicant may be interested in.


The flexibility offered by the report allows you to identify and track applicants from an organisational level, assisting you to plan strategically and ensure marketing is appropriately targeted, as well as equipping branch managers and individual negotiators to progress potential deals more quickly.