5 reporting tips for identifying your ‘Hot’ applicants

5 reporting tips for identifying your ‘Hot’ applicants
May 21st, 2020

In this article we look at how your staff can maximise and prioritise both old and new applicant opportunities from your Agency Cloud data.

As you return to the office, a vital housekeeping task is a full review of applicant details and re-evaluation of their requirements. Changes in circumstance, requirements and position are all key to identify.

Power Reporting can assist with this, and when added to the Power Organiser, negotiators will be able to work efficiently and with visibility of their applicant lists.

These principles can be used across Sales and Lettings applicants, using Agency Cloud reports both to identify potential buyers and to retain a focus around business retention and generation. And as reports are worked through, alternative properties may be identified that meet an applicant’s updated requirements.


1) A good place to start would be to look at applicants registered since the start of the year who are local with a house to sell – it could be possible that the COVID-19 pandemic saw them recoil temporarily. Why not get back in touch with them and reignite their desire to move?

2) Another good tip could be to look at applicants registered this year who have been passed or seen by your mortgage broker – they are a qualified buyer and may be able to further benefit from interest rate cuts and softening of prices.

3) There has also been press coverage around changes in mortgage lending; identify applicants who have already had contact or an offer with your mortgage broker and contact them to ensure they are still in a position to look at properties in their original price bracket.


4) Pent up demand may also be found in applicants who have made offers that are either Pending, Rejected or Withdrawn, who are ready to return to the market with renewed vigour.


5) Review those applicants that have registered with your business since the start of the year that were classed as ‘Hot’ applicants; perhaps their search was stalled due to the pandemic, when they were motivated and in a great position to move. This is a good time to re-assess their requirements and motivation, and also to find out whether they also have anything to sell – therefore benefiting from a potentially motivated applicant and generating a new vendor.

As the industry moves into the next phase of this situation, now is the time to update and utilise your Agency Cloud to identify, evaluate and progress any opportunities available. Find out more about identifying who is still ready to move is key in our accompanying article here.