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Dawson Scott

Dawson Scott

Chief Technology Officer at Reapit

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Of ~1000 offices each used on average more than twelve different software suppliers, as reported by Simon in Kerfuffle’s recent white paper — and I believe him. One of the most requested features by our customers has long been Single sign-on (SSO).

It’s a frustrating user-experience… Logging in to multiple systems and remembering different passwords. It also leaves customers vulnerable to unnecessary risk; with more apps, users, and devices across more locations.

However, it’s not just agents who are frustrated — suppliers are too.

This authentication complexity is holding back digital transformations, with each supplier using their own mechanism there is a need for a single and trusted identity provider built on open standards and available as-a-service to all.

Introducing Reapit Connect — our new identity solution that allows our customers to sign in once using one set of credentials, giving them one-click access to Reapit’s market leading CRM solutions and third-party applications available through Reapit’s app marketplace.

Similar to Login with Facebook or Google. Software suppliers can now give customers the option to Login with Reapit Connect; allowing Reapit customers to use their existing credentials across their organisation to access many different systems.

Reapit Connect is standards-based, secure and scalable. Providing multi-factor authentication, encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit, and identity and access management including Microsoft Active Directory, SAML 2, OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect. Getting started on Reapit’s Foundations platform is easy and you can implement Reapit Connect within a few minutes using one of our open source packages. Check out our introduction docs to learn the basics — we can’t wait to see what you build!

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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