Reapit offers a range of Professional Services including data migration, underpinned with a tried and tested change management methodology delivered by data and implementation specialists, to migrate, implement and support Estate Agents during the transition from their existing solution to our platform.

The Reapit Professional Services customer journey is designed for a seamless and disruption-free launch, so you are ready to use your new CRM from day one of live deployment.

Reapit Professional Servicces
Reapit Professional Services were proactive in their approach, quick to respond to queries and knowledgeable. We really appreciated the highly structured management of the project, particularly the weekly project calls to keep on top of all the aspects of the switch.
scott frasier
Our dedicated Project Manager answered all of our questions and queries without hesitation. I have enjoyed dealing with him as 'the voice of Reapit' in what is a stressful time for our business switching software provider.
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Our processes are made up of 5 phases set out with key activities and deliverables:

Initiation and Discovery

Within the Initiation and Discovery phase of a project, your high-level requirements are captured, introduced and assigned to your dedicated team leads who will aid you throughout your onboarding process.

Analysis and Build

During the Analysis and Build phase, templates are gathered and reviewed, and our data migration expert will assist with migrating any required data from your old solution to Reapit

User Acceptance

Your dedicated Project Manager will be on-site to demonstrate the functionality of the platform; which consists of running through the Project Scoping Document and comparing the information provided to what has been implemented.

Go Live

This is when you will stop using your existing solution and start using the new Reapit platform; running all daily processes within the new platform and switching over web feeds. During this phase, users will be running their daily tasks and flagging any issues that they experience directly to the dedicated Project Manager. Your dedicated Project Manager will schedule a Project Closing meeting with you to sign off on the Go Live phase.

Review and Optimise

Lessons Learned are logged, and your dedicated Project Manager will schedule a meeting to review Lessons Learned during the Project Closure meeting. Any new Lessons Learned are to be added to the Reapit Professional Services customer journey to improve and optimise future projects.