Less hassle. More growth.

You put growth on repeat for your business when…

  • Transition to your new platform is managed by a team with the experience of working for some of the world’s best real-estate organisations
  • You get a coordinated and comprehensive response on complex cases with clearly defined escalation paths
  • Any major changes in your own business, such as mergers and acquisitions can be accommodated
  • You can drive business improvement from a data-driven perspective with robust and detailed analytics
  • Whatever your challenge or opportunity, our team of project managers and consultants are able to support you with confidence.

Reapit professional services

Project management

For businesses moving to our platform with specific requirements, a full project management service is offered to ensure you get a sure start – with data conversion and integration carefully planned and delivered.

Reapit professional services provide a best practice starting point to explore how RPS works and this enables us to understand your business nuances to tailor the solution to meet your needs whilst leaving you reliant on the best underlying platform.

The Reapit project management teams are used to working with, and reorganising data from, all estate agency software solutions. There to support your business transformations – such as business mergers and acquisitions, new office openings and other major IT projects – each being handled with the same attention-to-detail experienced from day one.


Our experience with many enterprise clients means we are used to dealing with complex requirements to configure our solutions and provide integration with other systems.

Our technical team can work with you to fully scope bespoke requirements and then manage the delivery of the required solution.

It only works if it all works properly… we have a proven track-record of delivering on high level, complex technical projects.

Reapit is the proven platform that successful estate agents use to run and grow their business

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