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Integrating a PropTech solution into your CRM software via the usual API integration route can be time consuming, expensive, frustrating, clunky, disjointed. It can also be limiting, as getting one perfect view of your data across various pieces of software is often more hassle than efficiency.

But now you can embed some of the most well-known, specialised PropTech solutions into your CRM workflow for a truly seamless experience.

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Reapit’s AppMarket has enabled us to save time on certain company processes. The AppMarket is integrated into our Agency Cloud platform and gives us the opportunity to benefit from app integrations. The interface is user friendly, and the apps are easy to find – we are able to simply click and install any app that can help with our business. The Nichecom app in particular has been fantastic for us – this has allowed us to save around 3 hours per month in comparison to our previous process, and to work within one environment within Agency Cloud rather than across multiple supplier platforms, allowing us to focus on other areas of our business.

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The App Catalogue

We have a growing community of App partners who have worked tirelessly  Reapit to create powerful new solutions that integrate seamlessly into our AgencyCloud CRM, creating a single, uninterrupted customer journey. Have a read at our latest App Catalogue to see Apps live and in development.

What’s the difference between an App and an API?

You might still have some questions on what Apps offer APIs and why agents should be excited to use them. Here are some quick facts about what Apps have over APIs that we just have to share:

If you would like to find out more about Apps vs APIs, Reapit’s Partnerships Director, Matthew Goddard, has written two features explaining why Apps offer the next PropTech evolution for agents, and answers some of the biggest questions about Apps vs APIs.

Have you found yourself asking the question: “what is the difference between an API and an App?” This feature breaks down the difference between the two and explains how Apps are the future.

Agents have frequently enquired about the value offered between APIs and Apps. This feature answers some of biggest questions to demonstrate how Apps take simplicity and efficiency to a whole new level.

Are you ready to see how easy and seamless an App integrates with our AgencyCloud CRM?
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