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Are you a PropTech developer looking for new business opportunities?

Reapit is the original, end-to-end business technology provider for estate agencies of all sizes.

We have the tools, experience and know-how to help you create a ground-breaking app, and the shop window to share it with our coveted customer base.

Together, we can deliver the very best PropTech solution available. Anywhere.

Build your solution onto Reapit's estate agency platform for unprecedented reach

A PropTech Ecosystem

The Reapit Partner Program

Developer Portal

Join the leading PropTech ecosystem

The property technology sector is growing exponentially – and agencies are using more and more PropTech every day. But without proper integration, this leads to duplicate data entry, multiple passwords and constant supplier updates.

This isn’t just frustrating, it’s a massive waste of time and money – and a potential security concern.


The Reapit AppMarket

The Reapit AppMarket is a game-changer. It provides over 25,000 estate and lettings agents in the UK and Ireland with access to an ecosystem of integrated PropTech apps, with seamless two-way data flow and single sign-on for a super-smooth, secure user experience.

Apps can be instantly downloaded and used straight away. No contacting a support centre, no complicated installation process; just a couple of clicks and it’s done.

The Reapit AppMarket

Building and publishing your apps

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) makes it easy to build powerful, in-demand apps, using the tools, languages and frameworks that you love.

This open PropTech platform allows you to develop applications that seamlessly integrate with our market-leading estate agency business platform.

Once you’ve created your app, simply publish it to our AppMarket, for the UK’s leading agencies to discover, download and instantly install.

The Reapit Partner Program

The Partner Program gives you the tools to accelerate time to market, shorten sales cycles and spend more time focusing on innovation.

Our Partner Team works closely with every partner, understanding their needs and offering relevant guidance, support and opportunities from our business, customers and prospects. They continually analyse and review partner relationships to build a thorough understanding of our strategic and technological alignment and mutual financial impact.

Impact and alignment

We pledge to maximise the return on your investment in us through business impact and strategic alignment.

We’ll mutually agree your program category, based on your relevant strengths, challenges, ambitions and opportunities.

Each category has a slightly different set of benefits, designed to nurture our partners’ development needs. This allows us to provide every partner with the right tools and opportunities to rise from Member to Elite status.


Program benefits

Member Premier Preferred Elite
Featured App listing in AppMarket
Partner page listing
‘Getting Started With' Video
‘Why’ video
Hero App listing slot in AppMarket
Launch Press Release
Contributor blog
Customer case study
CSM meeting guest
Forthcoming event marketing material mentions
Reapit Roadshow invitation
Featured app listing on
AgencyCloud user training inclusion
Featured Hero App listing slot in AppMarket
Sales pipeline alignment with Reapit sales team
Annual co-branded solus email featuring one partner / product
Annual co-branded bespoke paid for social media ad campaign
Annual executive briefing event invitation
App of the Year Award entry

It’s a breath of fresh air dealing with Reapit as a developer. I’ve got quite a bit of experience trying to extract data from property CRMs and it’s like pulling teeth most of the time. The work you guys are doing is light years ahead of the competition – and gives estate agents the freedom that they don’t get anywhere else.

Steven Brough 
Software Developer at Integrated Interest

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal can get you onboarded in minutes, with self-service enrolment, interactive documentation, access policies, rate-limiting and analytics.

Technical benefits

New infrastructure and architecture environments have been built from the ground up to ensure a fully scalable, high performance platform that can be driven to your specific requirements for near-real time integrations. Multi-factor authentication securely manages identities and protects app data.

Join the Reapit AppMarket

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