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Vyomm is a smart platform for Estate Agents and Home Owners to transform how homes are presented and discovered. Showcase is an elegant and beautiful digital avatar of the heavy-duty coffee table brochure. It can be distributed on portals, social and digital media, to attract and motivate clients, wherever they are.  

Vyomm packs several exciting and innovative features “under the hood” empowering Agents to give a whole new level of experience to their vendors and applicants, this include:  

  • Showcase – Brings homes to life through rich images, videos and narratives 
  • Happ’s – The property media equivalent of an Insta-Story and TikTok 
  • Magic Links – The most secure way of sharing discreet Off-Market homes 
  • Business Dashboard – Brings all operations at one place, including Reapit
  • Analytics and Tracking – For all activities, visits and viewings 
  • Mobile App – Enables 24/7 operation ability, anytime, anywhere 

Vyomm’s integration with Reapit enables Agents to use Vyomm’s unique features and tools seamlessly, without duplication. Vyomm has been built on a modern API driven framework, meaning, it can easily integrate with most existing and future systems, including, Agent websites, Property Portals and other software.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.


Vyomm is a smart platform that connects to Property Portals and Digital Media. It enables Agents and Sellers to create and distribute rich visual property media with built in channels to communicate, collaborate and track analytics.

For starters, Vyomm is an instruction winner. Vendors love home showcases as it allows their property to stand out. It also helps motivate applicants and close more deals.

Basic Package of Vyomm is free for Agents and consumers. Featured Agents or use of advanced tools are charged on success fee and/or subscription fees basis.

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