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The Partnership is an award winning law firm offering specialist residential conveyancing services. We assign two lawyers to every case and our dedicated Sales and Services teams ensure speedy and efficient client on-boarding. The Case Tracker app offers automatic milestone tracking technology so you have live and up to date information from start to finish. The clean and colourful progression wheel gives an immediate overview of case progress, including details of what is required in the current and future stages as well as an explanation of what is required at that time. In addition, the app is backed up with a weekly update summary from the lawyer handling the case.
  • Seamless integration with Reapit CRM
  • Sales and services support
  • Two lawyers on every case
  • Live case updates
  • Weekly update summary
  • Mobile-friendly

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We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to property transactions. Case Tracker ensures you are always up to date as the updates are live – when the lawyer completes a task, you see this immediately. When you know what issues need to be resolved, you can be more productive to help get the deal over the line.

From the moment the client is sent the initial paperwork all the way through to completion, you can see every major stage of the transaction.   Every stage has a description of what is required and an estimate of how long that task will take, which helps make the timescales involved much clearer. Depending on your security settings you can see details of all cases that either you, your office or your entire company currently has underway with The Partnership.

The close integration between Reapit and The Partnership means that we automatically link the two systems together with no additional effort required from you – it’s almost magical. If, we do not recognise the specific property, there is a simple “Click to connect” button which sends a message directly to our sales team who will configure our system so you can view your cases – a process that takes just a few minutes.

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