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Winner of ESTAS Best Instruction Generation Tool 2020, Spectre is the UK’s most advanced instruction generation tool. Our intelligent software cuts down the time-consuming job of prospecting, transforming it into one that can be done in just minutes. 

Spectre starts by identifying the full addresses of on and off-market properties. It then monitors these properties and provides real-time updates – enabling you to optimise their prospecting strategy by sending customised campaigns at optimal points. 

In just a few clicks, you can send highly targeted and tailored prospecting letters, postcards and property reports, helping you win new and second instructions with maximum success. 

Spectre also offers a cost-effective Land Registry Integration, allowing you to purchase title deeds instantly. 

In the last 12 months, Spectre has generated £126 million worth of fees for its agents – with an average return on investment of over 3,000%. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.


Absolutely not! Spectre offers a whole host of powerful features to help agents increase their market share. In addition to on-market prospecting, Spectre also provides solutions for off-market prospecting, lead generation and repeat business. 

Spectre’s two latest feature releases include Anniversaries and Property Reports. Anniversaries automatically sends your past purchasers a fully branded property performance report on the anniversary of their completion date – maintaining the relationships and building a pipeline of future instructions. 

While Property Reports enables you to instantly generate an insightful report on 25 million properties to encourage a sale or valuation and drive more business. 

You’ll be pleased to know that users have total oversight of how Spectre is working for them at both branch and company level.  

Spectre’s Success Reports show you how many instructions you have achieved, the total value of these instructions and which form of marketing secured you each instruction. 

Spectre’s Smart Reports are also a valuable tool in tracking performance. You can view weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on your marketing activities, such as letters sent, types of properties marketed to, and competitors targeted, helping you to identify which campaigns performed the best and where to focus your efforts.  

Yes. With Spectre, you can choose to outsource your printing – so that’s another job ticked off your list. Spectre can print your letters and postcards from as little as 44p, which is cheaper than a second-class stamp! This covers the cost of paper, ink, printing, envelopes and postage. 

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