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The Spectre Integration will allow you to seamlessly integrate your Reapit data with the UK’s leading Sales and Lettings prospecting tool. This includes syncing lost valuations against your Spectre database, syncing applicants and seeing on-market details for applicants and lost valuations in Reapit. The Spectre integration app keeps your Reapit data in sync with your Spectre account ensuring you’re always writing to known contact by name, a proven tactic to maximise prospecting success. Once you’ve installed the Spectre Integration, you can:
  • Automatically import Vendor and Landlord names into your Spectre account
  • Sync valuation data to your Spectre database
  • Sync applicants with your Spectre database
  • See on-market details for Applicants and Lost Valuations in Reapit
  • See sent letter histories for lost valuations in Reapit

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution as part of the Reapit CRM Software, get in touch today.