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Established in 2010, Movinghub’s proptech solution is leading the way as the multi-product utility connections and home services platform every property industry professional needs to use. 

Evolving the moving home experience, Movinghub is a specialist technology company providing cutting edge cloud-based software ( to organisations involved in the movers’ journey. 

Movinghub’s connection engine is available as a turnkey SaaS solution for companies with clients that move home. The bespoke platform is easily adaptable to suit a range of industries including energy, real estate, conveyancers, finance, property developers and removals. 

Our customers range from large enterprise through to SMB’s and all are interested in creating consumer convenience throughout the moving home journey. 

Currently, in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK, the Movinghub product suite offers you the opportunity to introduce added value to your customer experience at no additional cost under your own brand. The technology is seamlessly integrated into existing systems, just like Reapit’s new Foundations platform, enabling you to refer your customers to Movinghub to be serviced, or allowing your customers to handle the complete home move experience themselves, Movinghub simply provides the technology.

Early on Movinghub recognised that there was more to moving home than just connecting utilities. It was time to offer the property industry more, and so, the independently owned Movinghub was born. Movinghub has pushed the property industry to evolve, to be transparent and to offer consumers choice as well as a complete and pleasurable customer experience when they move home. The best part is that Movinghub has put that power into the hands of literally thousands of businesses who use and make money using their solution and it is extremely rewarding to see businesses worldwide thrive and grow using our technology.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

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By providing an omnichannel solution for your customers to use and embedding multiple touch points which have been carefully thought out to drive customer interaction, increase conversion rates and provide overall customer satisfaction, your customers can engage with Movinghubs solution over the phone by speaking to a Movologist and by gaining access to their own unique online moving home journey experience.

Working and partnering with Movinghub couldn’t be easier, you’ll gain instant access to live reporting on where your own customers are in their moving home journey, the commission’s you will earn per customer per service, in depth white-labelling solutions to boost your brand across multiple verticals from within the Movinghub app in Foundations. Referring your customers is seamless and hassle free, with options for you to refer your clients when you want or use an automated trigger point to save you time.

With a wide range of providers giving your customers choice in the ever expanding list of service categories that Movinghub offers, you can earn revenue from utility switching, exclusive broadband and TV deals, insurance, removals, cleaning and many more. Earning you a great commission while ensuring your customers aren’t paying too much for their home services and getting the 5* service we and you would expect to give your customers.

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