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Keyzapp’s award-winning platform gives time back to your staff every day by easing one of agency’s most tiresome chores – managing keys.

Linking Reapit with contactless key fobs, cloud-based intelligence, and unrivalled industry expertise will ensure your teams become more confident, compliant, and productive. Specifically you will:

  • Save time looking up, issuing and returning keys
  • Eliminate hassle and stress caused by searching for-misplaced or late keys
  • Automatically chase late keys by text message and/or email
  • Promote your brand through a range of bespoke smart fobs
  • Track keys from anywhere using smart phones and tablets
  • Maintain a fully searchable audit log of all key movements

Handling clients’ keys can be intensely frustrating, time-consuming, and insecure. Keyzapp is proven to make it swift, easy, and effective.

“Keyzapp has simplified the whole process… meaning we now save many staff hours per week improving efficiency and productivity”
– Adrian Sangster, Aberdein Considine

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

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In most cases, you’ll pair each set of keys with a contactless smart fob that uses technology similar to your credit card.  By touching a fob either to your phone, your office computer, or a dedicated kiosk, you can issue and return keys in seconds.  Reapit’s journal for the property is updated as you scan.

But this is only the beginning.  Keyzapp goes beyond the basics to model the way you work in real life.  It can be tuned to your exact needs, leaving no “loopholes” for things to go wrong.  For example:

  • Each branch or team can bring their own number system and storage mechanism
  • Everyone stays organised with intelligent suggestions for key numbers and hooks when adding new keys
  • You don’t treat every key the same way: You can have different processes for different types of keys given out (e.g. to staff vs tenants)
  • You can reserve keys to ensure they are available when needed
  • Master/Suited keys that open multiple properties are fully supported
  • You can offer clients a key recovery service, since keys scanned by members of the public are reported back to you

Everything is focused on knowing who has what, and when, and chasing keys safely back to the office.

Most people are comfortable reporting a time-saving of £200 per month, per branch, but it can be much more.  For example, this doesn’t take into account cost savings from not having to get keys re-cut, or the extra value your staff generate in the time they save on key-tracking.

There are loads of other side benefits as well, such as being able to offer your clients a “lost key recovery service” using the contactless fobs, or reduction in the interpersonal conflicts that arise when accountability for keys isn’t clear.

If you’re interested in the details, we’ve worked out a spreadsheet with some benchmark clients that we can step through with you to see what it could save in your business.

Keyzapp is used by thousands of professionals worldwide, winning several awards, and rated 5* on Kerfuffle.

The secret is to make everything as easy as possible by matching the way your people and locations work with the tools and processes you use today.  We draw on years of Key Management expertise and a connection to your data from Reapit to make it as seamless as possible to get up and running.  You won’t look back.

We’ll gladly connect you to some of our existing clients and you can ask them yourself! You can also trial Keyzapp risk-free.

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