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InventoryBase is a sophisticated web and mobile platform that streamlines the end-to-end reporting process and reduces the time it takes to produce and manage professional property reports, including inventories, inspections and risk assessments. Property managers can regularly visit properties to conduct various types of report from pre-defined templates, using InventoryBase’s unique offline app, or outsource reports to local service providers to complete on their behalf. All activity, such as when a report is started and completed, will display in real time, with staff having all the information they need at their fingertips to produce reports on-site, giving clients and tenants access to view, comment and sign in-person or online. The goal of InventoryBase is to speed up and scale your end-to-end inspection process, safeguard property assets and reduce tenancy disputes.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution as part of the Reapit CRM Software, get in touch today.


If you have one designated property manager in house that does all of your inspections, you’ll only need a Solo package in order to conduct property reports. 

If you wish to allocate inspections to various team members or outsource to your own suppliers, you’ll need the Team package in order to have multiple team members. 

Companies with multiple offices, you can either sign up each office individually, or go for an Enterprise plan that will allow you to setup different regional hubs of staff. If you’re a Franchise, contact us for even more options.

All of our plans come with a full featured 14 day free trial, so you can kick the tyres, set up your templates and try the software out on real properties to produce real reports before committing to input your payment details. There is no obligation to continue using the software beyond your free trial.

Yes, InventoryBase has both a web-based Dashboard for advance scheduling, editing reports on your desktop and managing templates, but all data collection / photos can be captured using the InventoryBase app while at the property, and doesn’t require an Internet connection other than to download reports offline and upload reports that you’ve completed.