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Inventory Hive provides beautiful paperless property reporting software:

  • Create paperless audit-trailed reports with 360° optional photos (e.g. inventories, check-ins, interim visits & check-outs).
  • Direct integration with with Ricoh and Insta360 cameras to tag images to the relevant property, room or space in real-time in offline mode.
  • Serve audit-trailed documents (e.g. safety certificates, fire evacuation procedures, welcome information and more).
  • Manage maintenance portfolios (e.g. tenants flag issues during move-in, or your team locate them during inspections).
  • Use image recognition AI to scan utility reading photos and auto populate readings.

Our versatile cloud-based platform allows users to switch between desktop, tablet and mobile (iOS & Android) with offline capabilities.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

How does Inventory Hive App work?

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Yes – our platform can be accessed in the cloud via web browser and iOS (Apple) and Android Apps. Our App is also compatible with smartphone and tablet devices.

Yes – you don’t need any WiFi or network (eg 3G/4G/5G) whilst creating your reports. Simply work offline and then sync-up your data later.

Our price plans are based-upon the number of properties you choose to manage within your subscription. There are no charges whatsoever for the number of reports you create.

This means you can create unlimited reports with unlimited storage and unlimited users (other providers often charge extra for users). There’s no hidden costs and you can choose to pay monthly (cancel anytime) or commit for the year by paying annually (2 months free). For commercial users (eg Letting Agents) our entry level price plan is a ‘Worker 50’ – meaning that for £30 (+ VAT) per month, you can create an unlimited number of reports against 50 properties. Our pricing slider can be accessed from

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