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Google Street View points north by default, so can show the wrong property on agents’ websites. This app allows you to modify your Street Views.

  • Google Street View often points at the wrong property by default
  • Use this app to re-orientate the Google Street View for your website
  • Integrates directly into your Agency Cloud property detail page
  • You can also find historical properties by name or postcode
  • Line it up to show the best approach, angle, pan and zoom
  • Show off your property in the best light
  • If you have a vendor concerned about privacy, or an eyesore building site next door, you can suppress the Street View for the property

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

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This depends:  On some Homeflow theme designs, the Streetview orientation and/or hiding will work out of the box.  On other themes, the designs may need some minor front end work to take advantage of the streetview orientations.  This may require a small, one off, front end development charge.  Contact Homeflow to find out more.

No, you can use this functionality with any website design.  The application is designed to store the corrected streetview orientation as additional metadata within Reapit.  Your website designer might need to make a minor change to call this data.

No, Homeflow provide this app without charge, as a demonstration of integration with Reapit Foundations.

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