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Google Streetview points north by default, leading to showing the wrong property on agents’ sites. This app allows you to modify your Streetviews. 

  • Google Streetview often points at the wrong property by default… 
  • Use this app, to re-orientate the Google Streetview for your website 
  • Integrates directly into your Agency Cloud property detail page
  • Or find historical properties by name or postcode
  • Line it up to show the best approach, angle, pan and zoom
  • Show of your property in the best light
  • Or, if you have a vendor concerned about privacy, or an eyesore building site next door, you can optionally choose to suppress thestreetviewfor the property 
  • Use Homeflow’s Streetview Orientation tool to easily set the default orientation of your Google Street View links to ensure that your property is always visible. 
  • In addition you can also choose to hidestreetviewfrom the agent’s website altogether where you, or the vendor, do not want the streetview to show, for either privacy, or other reasons. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution as part of the Reapit CRM Software, get in touch today.