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The Reapit and Fixflo integration can change the way you work by eliminating duplication and putting you in control of repairs & maintenance. 

  • Reduce maintenance costs and callouts with accurate repair reporting. 
  • Eliminate back-and-forth because communications, certifications, estimates, and invoices are a single auditable system and updated in Reapit.
  • Sync planned preventative maintenance data in our system and never miss another EICR certificate.

Watch our video to see efficiency in action. 

Fixflo & Reapit: Better Together

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  • Our repair reporting helps tenants make accurate reports while popups encourage them to resolve minor issues.
  • All your communications, information, and documents about a repair are fully trackable and in one integrated system your stakeholders can also access. Updates appear in Reapit.
  • All planned preventive maintenance can be synced into the system and never overlooked again. 
  • Repairs & maintenance invoices appear in the correct ledger in your Reapit system. 


  • Reduce maintenance costs and callouts when tenants can report repairs accurately and popups help them fix minor issues without a callout.
  • End back-and-forth and confusion by letting contractors manage their documents, and giving all stakeholders access to a single platform for communications. 
  • Enjoy transparency with all reports, estimates, work orders, and invoices in one auditable system.
  • Gain peace of mind when all planned maintenance is synced in a system, and no Gas Safety Certificate or EICR is ever missed. 
  • Eliminate confusion and waiting when invoices are immediately sent to the correct ledger.

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Can I track the status of repairs in real time?

Yes, you can track the status of repairs in real time through our integrated platform – you have instant visibility into ongoing repairs.

Can I reconcile maintenance invoices from Fixflo in the correct ledger?

Yes. All your maintenance invoices can be automatically reconciled in the Reapit software, eliminating the need for manual matching.

Is there an auditable trail of estimates and invoices?

Absolutely! All communications related to the job are captured and stored in the system, providing you with a comprehensive and transparent audit trail.

Is there a time lag before I can see invoices in my Reapit software?

No, there is no time lag. Our integration ensures that updates happen in real-time, so you can access updates immediately without any waiting.

How easy is it to integrate Fixflo with Reapit?

Integrating Fixflo with Reapit is a straightforward and user-friendly process. Our dedicated team can guide you through the integration, making sure you experience a smooth transition without the hassle.

How do I check all contractors are vetted?

With our integration, contractors can upload their certificates and proof of insurance into the system where you can review them. 

Will Fixflo help me communicate better with landlords, residents, and contractors?

All stakeholders can communicate via the Fixflo system using ‘Comments’. All communications are stored in the respective job so it’s simple to search later on.

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