Fixflo & Reapit: Better Together

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Supercharge your Reapit system with Fixflo and further streamline your repairs and maintenance processes. Fixflo is the UK’s leading repairs and maintenance management software. Features include:

  • White-label product
  • 24/7 online repair reporting in 40+ languages
  • Issue-specific questions and the ability to submit pictures ensures accurate, relevant information is collected
  • Customisable in-system guidance to remind tenants of their responsibilities and help them self-resolve minor issues
  • Maintenance management
  • Contractor management
  • Planned maintenance
  • One-click work instruction
  • Automated reminders
  • Contractor appointment booking, quote and invoice submission
  • Centralised maintenance communication and management
  • Automation

With details such as addresses, landlords, tenants and suppliers synched between Reapit and Fixflo, you can enjoy the benefits of Fixflo without the risks of conflicting data. When a tenant submits a repair request online, the landlord is kept in the loop and you can instruct contractors in just a few clicks. 

Fixflo also automatically reminds contractors to self-manage their insurance and certification documents so you don’t have to; contractors can only quote for jobs when their paperwork is up-to-date. With a customisable dashboard, you can track every open job and have a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio. When a job is completed, the invoice and cost details are also synched across to your Reapit system so you can process the invoice directly in Reapit.

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