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CommVersion is the easiest and fastest way to engage with your website visitors and convert them into leads.

Accelerate your revenue growth and turn anonymous website traffic into high-quality leads, fast.

Our aim at CommVersion is to enhance human connection with data-led technology, transforming live chat into an indispensable revenue-generating solution.

SmartChat – our live chat solution that helps Estate Agents and Property Developers engage with web visitors in real-time – qualifies more leads from the existing traffic you receive to your website. You’ll receive better quality, more likely to convert leads, quickly reduce your acquisition cost, and keep your sales team fed with quality leads.

CommVersion’s Reapit CRM app will manage your live chat services 24/7 by combining human connection and the power of AI – meaning no bots, no expensive in-house team and no loss of business during out-of-hours service. It will integrate all the key information of any property lead, such as the chat transcript, lead source, lead name, email, phone number and their preferred time of call, directly into your Reapit CRM in real-time.

Our human-led team use powerful knowledge bases and machine-learning data to encourage and help close online conversations with your potential customers ensuring they have the information and brand language to convert leads exactly as your sales team would.

Typically, CommVersion’s live chat service entails a human-led chat wherein our trained chat operators:

  • Engage with your website traffic to identify if they are a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord
  • Qualify leads by providing potential leads with relevant information in real-time
  • Reduce administration by directly integrating all your leads into your Reapit CRM
  • Instantly connect a qualified hot lead with a member of your team who can assist with their specific enquiry

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CommVersion & Reapit: How To Get Started

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If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.


  • Setup is absolutely FREE
  • ZERO monthly subscription fee
  • £0.50 per lead insertion

Instantly. CommVersion is fully integrated with Reapit CRM and just on a click of a button, we can start feeding your leads directly into your Reapit CRM.

All you need to do is get in touch with one of CommVersion’s sales representatives and, within minutes, we will have your Reapit CRM setup.

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