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Boomin is more than just a portal. Our focus on innovation and technology put agents front and centre through the whole property journey. Unique features like SmartVal, Secret Property, Sneak Peek and MatchMaker are opening-up the market and generating more opportunities for agents to establish relationships with motivated applicants and vendors, earlier.

This is the first phase of two iterations:

The application operates in a Real Time mode, meaning any property update made in AgencyCloud will be reflected on Boomin’s Portal immediately.

  • Sales Properties which are For Sale (Available) and SSTC (Available) will be made visible on both Boomin and Agent Hub.
  • Lettings Properties which are To Let (Available) and Let Agreed (Available) will be made visible on both Boomin and Agent Hub.
  • Boomin will send register Buyers an Alert when properties are made available.
  • Marketing of properties may still be suspended using the “No Internet Advertising” option available on AgencyCloud, these properties will still be available within the Boomin Hub. 
  • Confidential properties will also be hidden but will still be available within the Boomin Hub. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.


Reapit currently send Boomin a Feed using a ‘BLM’ file. Reapit are retiring this feed type, therefore Boomin have created an app to provide clients the ability to continue uploading their property data to our platform. 

This is our first version of moving into a fully integrated app, which will support full Appointment sync and creation of Secret and Sneak Peak Properties directly from your CRM.

Properties sent to Boomin will be updated in ‘Real Time’ therefore, once the user updates these changes will be immediately reflected on Boomin, this is based on your being hosted on Reapit’s AWS platform (Amazon Web Service).

Webhooks and API’s

Webhooks are a way for automatic messages to be sent to us from Reapit to notify us when a property has been added or changed in your Reapit system. Webhooks let us know the property we need to gather information for. We then use an API request to collect the most recent property information and deliver it to your Boomin listing. This service enables real-time notifications and data updates.

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