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Bamboo Auctions provides online auction technology and support to agents. We help
agents sell properties faster with our fully integrated White label platform by allowing
agents to control their own auctions.

Our technology is fully integrated into an agent’s website with their branding, agents can
offer, manage, and control their own auction service. This means agents can control their
sales progression, preserve their customer relationships, and protect their brand reputation.
Allowing agents to use Bamboo’s technology to sell properties faster, with more certainty, in
a process that is fully transparent.

Bamboo is continuing to drive the market with new innovative technologies and solutions
to ensure a smoother auction experience for our customers. This latest integration with
Reapit allows agents to search for properties and submit them directly into the
Bamboo Auctions dashboard without the need for double entry of data and without
leaving the reapit system.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.


An online auction is perfect for any chain free property. The average time to complete a transaction is between 16-20 weeks, whereas, with Bamboo, transactions can reach completion in just 5 weeks. The average fall through rate is around 35%, with Bamboo, which drops to just 1%. Agents use Bamboo’s technology to sell properties faster, with more certainty, in a process that is fully transparent.

From the point of signing up with us, it usually takes a few days to have a White label up and running on an agent’s website. We then undergo a period of onboarding, which involves training and supporting both admin staff and negotiators on the entire customer journey.

From there, our customer success team guides agents through the process, from listing, bidding, and post-sale, to make sure transactions go as smoothly as possible.

Agents are at the forefront of delivering this service, so our team act as an extension of an agent’s back-office function. We will support the agents to deliver the service and will never go over the agent’s head directly to vendors. This makes us unique in the market – we empower our agent partners to deliver the service as their own. If you are interested in selling properties faster by becoming your own auctioneer get in touch today at

In a typical private treaty sale, you receive just a fee from the vendor. With Bamboo Auctions, you essentially get two fees, your normal sales fee from the vendor and the additional option of receiving a Buyer Fee. We provide the option for agents to continue charging their vendor what they normally would whilst being entitled to a buyer fee for introducing and utilising the auction service. As you are in control of the auction you can set your own fees, so you are never missing out on revenue or commission.

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