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Acaboom is a market appraisal toolkit designed to elevate agents to a whole new level at every stage of the market appraisal & differentiate themselves from the competition.

If you want to show your point of difference, position yourself as a true property expert and go above and beyond what other agents do – Acaboom can help.

With Acaboom’s unique approach, you can refine every step of the market appraisal journey and secure the instruction at the best fee, and with our Reapit integration, it’s automated and easy.

  • Connect before the appraisal with pre-appointment presentations
  • Use digital presentations at the market appraisal
  • Showcase local & national market activity with personalised property data
  • Send interactive proposals packed with USPs
  • Know when your client is ready to instruct with notifications
  • Speed up decision-making by including your agency agreement
  • Nurture and reconnect with your database with smart updates

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, or would like to receive the latest news directly from our partner, get in touch today.

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Why Acaboom

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Clients want compelling evidence, presented professionally as part of a visual journey.

Yet 98% of agents still send untracked valuation emails, and many give no evidence beyond printed comparables.  With Acaboom, the market appraisal journey starts before the agent arrives, with a pre-appointment presentation introduction.  At the appraisal, fresh modern digital presentations deliver national and local data, USPs and visual touchpoints, which focus the attention and build trust. Delivering a personalised valuation and interactive marketing proposal seals the deal – the agency agreement is included– with notifications sent to the agent each time it’s read for total control and clarity.

Acaboom has been crafted to make conversions happen by preparing the client before they even meet you and to carry on persuading months after the appraisal. It delivers a blend of the right introduction to engage them, the compelling data, the memorable engaging presentation that’s customised solely for them and then the perfectly timed follow up. Even if they don’t instruct that day, you are leaving them in no doubt that you are the agent they need when it’s time.  Many agents find it increases instructions by 15% and our 5* rating on review sites show that it works.

The integration with Reapit via the Acaboom app available in the Market Place allows the auto-sending of pre-appointment presentations to homeowners and the creation of the main presentation/proposal within the Acaboom account, ready for a valuer to add comparables and other information.

There is no need to enter appointment data in Reapit and Acaboom – the two systems talk and pass data as necessary, allowing for the seamless updating of Acaboom data into the Reapit Journal.

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