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Developer Portal and AppMarket

The Foundations Developer Portal provides a fully scalable, high-performance platform that developers can quickly onboard in minutes to build powerful new apps that can be published directly to the Reapit AppMarket to extend Agency Cloud functionality. With over 65,000 global users using Reapit software, apps developed for the platform will have unprecedented reach in the property sphere.

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Providing a platform for Developers to build onto the Reapit CRM Software

If you have a product to sell, then where better to sell it than on one of the largest, PropTech marketplaces catering to over 65,000 users globally. With Foundations, developers can build powerful and in-demand apps using the tools, languages and frameworks that they love, and then publish their apps to the Reapit AppMarket, with all the benefits of distribution and infrastructure capabilities, and access to Reapit’s customer base. This means shortened development and sales cycles and the ability to focus on innovation while accelerating time to market, and more time to manage marketing and technology costs.

Developer Portal

Reapit’s Developer Portal gets developers onboarded in minutes with self-service enrollment, interactive documentation, access policies, rate-limiting and analytics.

Technical Benefits

The technology instilled in the design and application of the Foundations platform is world-class. New infrastructure and architecture environments have been built from the ground up to ensure a fully scalable, high performance platform that can be driven to your specific requirements for near-real time integrations. Most importantly, multi-factor authentication will securely manage identities and protect App data.

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Foundations App Partners

Discover the innovative solutions from our App Partners that will be available for your Reapit CRM Software through the Foundations AppMarket.

It’s a breath of fresh air dealing with Reapit as a developer. I’ve got quite a bit of experience trying to extract data from property CRMs and it’s like pulling teeth most of the time. The work you guys are doing is light years ahead of the competition, and opens up and gives your customers the freedom that they don’t get anywhere else.

Steven Brough 
Software Developer at Integrated Interest


Foundations FAQ

Key FAQs answered on the Foundations platform.

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