Developer Portal and App Marketplace

The Foundations App Marketplace provides agencies with a variety of app and software integrations that have been tested and approved for immediate integration, allowing agencies to customise their Reapit CRM software to suit their business needs like a glove. Agencies can also build and integrate their own apps to further extend Agency and Property Cloud functionality.

Integrate with leading PropTech solutions available in app format.

Download and deploy innovative solutions within minutes, for all your business needs.

Build and publish your own integrations through the Enterprise Program.

Ready-to-use functionality with Enterprise-grade reliability.

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How Foundations will enable Property Agencies to customise their CRM software with ready-to-use Apps

The demand for Foundations ignited following numerous requests from agencies to integrate with the Reapit platform. Integration with Reapit and with our partners in the PropTech sphere provides agencies with powerful tools that enable them to innovate and evolve their business parameters. But with integration so highly requested, we wanted to go even further. With Foundations, agencies can quickly build apps that extend Agency and Property Cloud functionality, automate business processes and integrate data from third parties into apps built directly on the platform. With an organic app marketplace offering tested and approved integration, agencies will be able to grow their businesses while accelerating time to market, and with more time to manage marketing and technology costs.

Reapit’s Marketplace offers ready-to-use apps for every business need, built to extend the functionality of Reapit’s market-leading Agency Cloud and Property Cloud solutions. Our customers can find hundreds of apps to make it faster and easier to extend Reapit for any business need.

All apps built on Foundations share an integrated, secure data and identity management model so you don’t have to worry about integration or security hassles.

And if you build an app on our platform, you can list and sell it too.

Ready-to-use functionality
Enterprise-grade reliability
Zero maintenance costs
Automated upgrades
Personalised recommendations
Integration on and off the platform
Consulting partners and developers
Full compliance

Reapit’s Enterprise Program allows customers to build and distribute apps seamlessly and securely on top of Reapit’s Foundations platform, for use in-house within their organisation.

Private apps can be distributed across an organisation, to a single office or user. Your organisation owns and maintains your app’s code, providing you with the flexibility to make changes in the app and retain your intellectual property rights.

You’re also welcome to publish your app in our Marketplace too.

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Foundations App Partners

Discover the innovative solutions from our App Partners that will be available for your Reapit CRM Software through the Foundations App Marketplace.
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