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The Foundations Platform as a Service (Paas) is a new open platform that allows agencies and PropTech companies to integrate and design their own bespoke solutions into Reapit’s Agency & Property Cloud workflow. Those applications can be published into a Reapit app marketplace like the Apple store, so that agencies can integrate, trial and start using new and fully tested technologies with their Reapit CRM within minutes.

Foundations goes way beyond an API. We are opening up the ability for agencies and PropTech companies to integrate and design shared workflow with Reapit’s Agency Cloud & Property Cloud, creating bespoke and highly productive functionality within one software environment and a single database. PropTech companies will be able to create screens within Agency Cloud and integrate alerts and task plans across different platforms which will allow for a dramatic increase in compliance, automation and productivity across the entire customer journey. Most important, every customer action will be logged into a single database, allowing agencies significantly advanced reporting capabilities to monitor daily business and identify areas of improvement or missed opportunities across all their businesses and offices.

We are seeing increasing demand from PropTech companies to integrate with Reapit’s cloud offering, as well as increasing demand from our customers for wider integration opportunities to customise their software. We believe that there is a big opportunity to drive an entire ecosystem of innovation, and it gives us the chance to collaborate with other industry leaders on universal data standards for the PropTech sector. By opening up our platform as a service and making it easy to develop new tools using the Reapit cloud database, scalable infrastructure and software, we can significantly expedite global innovation in the property industry, and offer an unlimited choice of tools to help our customers with their business growth.

The App Marketplace will be available through the Reapit Agency Cloud solution and as a standalone marketplace accessed via a web browser. All apps developed by PropTech companies that have been fully tested and vetted by Reapit will appear in the App Marketplace on offer to agents for review and testing, and can be launched into agency work environments in minutes, rather than waiting for months to get a new technology integration solution approved and built. The Marketplace is also a place for agents to develop their own apps for their bespoke business processes offering different functionality to different businesses and roles within the business and driving increased adoption of their software and a real competitive edge.

No. The Marketplace is a shopfront for agents to explore new technologies at their own pace. It’s also an opportunity for agents to ensure any PropTech pitching for their business works within their software environment, in advance. Agents can now work with PropTech developers via the Marketplace to create solutions, thereby providing a unique opportunity for agents to test the solutions before committing to it long term.

Current customers: we will update all our customers on our approach prior to roll-out.

New customers: All new customers can be assured that the fees for Foundations PaaS are included in all currently issued and valid proposals and quotations.

Our pricing policy will continue to evolve, reflecting both the value we believe we deliver to our customers and our market leading position.

Yes you can – the roll out schedule will be determined once we have gathered all initial demand. If you’re interested, please confirm via your CSM.

We will be contacting all developers and PropTech companies that have attended today with an opportunity to sign up as an interested party, where after we will be updating  everyone on the interest list with the go live dates of the PaaS environment, including a link to the developer area when it is ready.

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