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Reapit’s Foundations is a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and app marketplace that enables customers, ISVs and developers to extend the power of Reapit’s market-leading Agency Cloud and Property Cloud solutions to lead the way in global PropTech innovation.

Are you an Agency or a Developer?

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Property Agencies

Find out how Foundations will enable property agencies to customise their CRM software with ready-to-use apps.



Find out how Foundations is providing a platform for developers to build onto the Reapit CRM.

Foundations App Partners

Discover the innovative solutions from our App Partners that will be available for your Reapit CRM Software through the Foundations App Marketplace.
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Foundations Resource Center

The media hub for the Foundations launch.


Foundations FAQ

Key FAQs answered on the Foundations platform.

The really exciting part about Foundations is how it not only helps PropTech companies come together and innovate, but how it empowers our customers to also develop on the platform, creating unique apps and workflow solutions that give their businesses the competitive edge they are looking for software to deliver. We see this as a game changer for the industry and ultimately will replace any need for property agencies to develop their own CRM system or software.
Gary Barker, Chief Executive Officer, Reapit Group
Gary Barker
Reapit CEO

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