X1 Lettings saves time with daily bank reconciliations in Client Accounts

December 3rd, 2019

Using Reapit Agency Cloud’s Client Accounts and reporting functionality helped X1 Lettings boost their efficiencies and save development time each month:

“Since we have started to use Reapit’s Client Accounts software we have noticed huge benefits to our processes and procedures specifically around our efficiencies and the time saved. We currently have 12 separate lettings development sites live in Agency Cloud with more to come, and we estimate that with the reporting procedures we follow we save around half a day per development per month, meaning we currently save about 6 days per month. They key time savers come from the bank reconciliation and the brain of the system learning the property references, which means that each month the amount of manual ‘tidying up’ is reducing. The landlord statements are also now straightforward to run, and we have got them in a style that suits our landlords which means reduced query calls into the office. As our business grows, Client Accounts will help us to save even more time and become even more efficient which allows us to spend time focussing on growing the business further.”

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