TLC London accelerated their response times using Reapit’s Auto Responder tool

Reapit’s Auto Responder tool helped TLC London to process more online enquiries and improve their customer experience. It also contributed towards their inclusion among the top 3% of agents in the Best Estate Agency Guide 2019.

“TLC London has been live with Reapit’s Auto Responder tool since April 2019 and has noticed significant benefits including both time savings and improved industry ratings.

Prior to the introduction of the autoresponder, acknowledging customer enquiries was a manual task which was repetitive and time-consuming. With this now done automatically and instantly when a customer sends through an online enquiry, staff are able to focus on reviewing the enquiry itself and have more time to prepare award-winning service for our customers, giving the customer efficient service along with suitable property suggestions based on their requirements and a better quality service when our team engage. Since mid-April, there have been over 1,200 applicants registered originating from online enquiries! TLC London has recently been announced in the top 3% of agents in the Best Estate Agency Guide 2019, partly down to improved response times!”

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