Sewell & Gardner streamlined their registration process with Reapit’s automated tools

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The implementation of the Reapit CRM’s automated Internet Registration and Email Pulse Response tools helped Sewell & Gardner to save over 5 full working days across a single quarter.

“Sewell & Gardner have been using Reapit automated Internet Registration tool alongside the automated Email Pulse Response tool to help streamline their registration process across the company. They found that over a quarter they would process many leads in the system and on average a full registration could take around 3 or 4 minutes to complete. However, with the automated tool, they were able to skip this process by importing the leads directly in from the portals. Over the period of a quarter, Sewell & Gardner were able to save over 5 full working days in administration time due to this method, allowing their staff to focus on other processes such as vendor care calls, servicing their applicants, sales progression and further training for the team.

Alongside this, Sewell & Gardner use Property Pulse to send an instant, automatic response to anyone who has sent a lead, introducing them to Sewell & Gardner and assuring them a member of the team will be in touch shortly. This is so important in an ever-fast market where service is king.”

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In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?