Scott Fraser uses the Power Organiser to drive efficiencies and increase properties managed

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Scott Fraser

Using Reapit Agency Cloud’s Power Organiser and Power Reporting tools has helped Scott Fraser boost their daily efficiencies while providing a greater level of client services.

“Scott Fraser moved from our previous letting software to Reapit in May 2018. Since then our Property Management Centre has seen significant improvements in how we are able to operate. Our property managers are able to instruct works easier, prioritise the importance of maintenance jobs as they come into us and set our third-party contractors’ timescales in when works orders need to be completed. By using the Power Organiser, the property managers are able to see when Works Orders have not been completed in the timescales given and chase the contractors accordingly, this has given a greater level of service to tenants.

In addition, the Property Management organiser has enabled property managers to be able to have full control over their portfolios from arranging pre- and post-tenancy works to managing return of deposits as per guidelines laid down by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in a timely manner.

From a managerial point of view the use of Power Reports which our Customer Success Manager has helped create has enabled us to be able to monitor Property Management performance across their portfolios and act on any issues before issues arise.

Reapit has made the department more efficient and has enabled us to build in time-saving measures to the property managers’ day-to-day activities. As a result, the amount of properties that each property manager can manage has increased, and it has delayed the need for further Property Management employment.”

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