Savills customised their Agency Cloud solution and won a £2-mil. sales instruction

Reapit turned around a request from Savills in less than 48 hours to provide them with the ability to determine ‘Hot Stock’ as an attribute, which directly led to a sales instruction on the market at £2 million.

“I have been using Reapit throughout my 20+ year agency career and have always found it to be intuitive, adaptable and essential for me to run my day-to-day business. The team at Reapit have been a constant support and more than willing to engage with me on refining Agency Cloud for our own bespoke way of doing things; tweaking reports, the UI and how data is recorded. 

Our latest request to have the ability to determine ‘Hot Stock’ as an attribute was turned around in less than 48 hours. This has given us the ability to easily identify ‘hot’ properties, meaning we can run accurate reports to match suitable applicants & vendors. This additional attribute has already directly led to a sales instruction, on the market at £2 million, which may otherwise have slipped through the net previously.”

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