Rosindale Pavitt grows their prospecting list with RPS

July 27th, 2018

When Rosindale Pavitt started up they knew how important it was to invest in software; RPS had come recommended by a number of successful estate agents, and was regarded as very user friendly. The functionality and simplicity of RPS were the main determiners for Rosindale Pavit and they were impressed during a demonstration with many of the key features such as the Universal Search button, which picks up all contact an agent has had with a client, and the Rightmove importer, which helped with the growth of address books.

“RPS has been absolutely fantastic since the day we started; whether that be innovative, looking at things like the Universal Search button or the Rightmove integration; they’re always coming up with new ideas, very easy, user friendly, easy to train people on it, and it’s really helped us with making new revenue and new income streams through its functionality. I can absolutely say that without using RPS to start with we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Chris Rosindale, Director

“I can’t recommend RPS highly enough, it has made our life so much easier to set up our own business, and without it we simply wouldn’t be as good as we are.”

David Pavitt, Director

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