Reapit helps Lawrence Rand transform their business into one that serves its clients 24/7

June 20th, 2017

Lawrence Rand has 15 members of staff and has won nine national awards in nine years. They found it necessary to introduce RPS Online because of the threat of online agents coming into the marketplace, and then wanted to be ahead of the curb before online agents took more market share.

The RPS Diary benefits the team greatly as they could arrive at the office in the morning and see all the valuations and appointments that had already been booked in the night before. RPS has also enabled them to give great customer service, which is ultimately the reason they use it. It’s a great time saver overall for everyone involved; customers don’t have to wait for an enquiry to come back, they can book in immediately and look forward to a viewing or valuation without waiting to hear back from an agent.

It allows Lawrence Rand to take the positives of online agents, which is the accessibility, and puts it together with the customer experience you get with a traditional estate agent for that perfect form of hybrid agency.

“RPS Online has been a fantastic instruction winner for us. No one else around can offer anything like it.”

Oliver Rooney, Sales Manager

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