Prospect trusts Reapit with its 8-figure residential sales database

When managing a database with a potential value over 8 figures, Prospect Estate Agency found only one CRM with right tools and support that it could trust. Watch the full Reapit video case study below to find out how Reapit’s Agency Cloud CRM solution supports Prospect’s growth.

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“Roberto Contreras, Area Manager, Prospect

Reapit has added a huge amount of value to the business, to be able to use the same software across multiple departments, gives us a lot of uniformity in our processes. I looked at all our Residential Sales Data last year, and with the client database that we’d built up over many, many years, the value of that future business for us was in excess of eight figures. To have a software that we trust and that we can use when we’re dealing with that much value is absolutely imperative to us and I believe we’ve got exactly that with Reapit.

The feature which I feel has been a game changer from Reapit has to be the Power Organiser, this is something that I use daily, what I like about it and what our teams like about it is that you can customise the data that you want to see, so if a marketplace is different, if the market conditions change, if you have roles that are different from a negotiator to a valuer to a manager, the data that you want to see is fully available to be customised for you and I believe that’s an integral part of how we work in different marketplaces.

David Ward, Branch Manager, Prospect

I’ve worked with a number of different databases throughout my career as an estate agent and I can hand on heart say that Reapit is definitely head and shoulders above the competition, the way it streamlines all of your data into one specific place, it really helps you keep in contact every single record that you need to and it really does make things much more efficient.

My personal top-three favourite features are mainly with regards to looking after vendors that have currently got their property on the market with us. So on my Power Organiser I will have set up all properties that haven’t had price reductions, will be in one folder, all properties that haven’t had viewings in the past two weeks will be in another section of the Organiser, and another section within the Organiser will have which properties are coming out of contract, so if there’s two or three which need specific focus like ring rounds for example, it means that at the quick click of a button we’ll be able to have access to all of those.

Daniel Brett, Valuation Manager, Prospect

The way that I can structure my day and make sure that I’m focusing in the correct place and not simply just cold calling, which you can easily fall into, that’s been a big thing for me. The second thing is probably the call reminders and the tasks, so I know if I’ve got to call someone in 4–5 weeks’ time, I’m not pestering them every week, “are you ready yet, are you ready yet,” and I’ll call them at this specific time, it just makes the client happier as well. Lastly it’s got to be the Reapit Mobile app, so that for me is key, when I’m going out and speaking to local people and we’ve got a property on the market which they’re really keen to come and look at, I can book the appointment there and then, rather than coming back to the office and it taking 24 hours to book in a viewing. So, in terms of smart professional look when you’re going into the valuations, that definitely does it for us.”

Watch the full video case study for more.

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