Proffitt & Holt raised their average fee by 15% using Value Reports

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Proffitt & Holt uses value reports

Since they started using the reporting functionality within Reapit’s Agency Cloud, Proffitt & Holt has been able to increase their average fee and provide greater value to their clients with more property listings.

“Taking a detailed look at the Value Report in December 2018 allowed us to see some key areas within the business that could be improved upon. Focusing on those areas and using the Management Information (MI) reports on a daily basis to interrogate the data further it has meant that we have been able to grow our key metrics in a tough market. Since December 2018 we have seen a 15% increase in our average fee and an increase in our market appraisal to exchange ratio from 20% to 22%. Further to that, we have used the report to pinpoint our motivated applicants and now over 60% of our applicants have viewed a property in the past six months whereas previously this was just over 50%. Combined, it means we are listing more properties and showing them to our most motivated applicants, allowing us to prove our value to our clients.”

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