Pastor saves 20 minutes per document with Adobe Sign integration within Agency Cloud

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Pastor saves 20 minutes per document with Adobe Sign integration within Agency Cloud

Reapit’s Agency Cloud solution offers Adobe Sign integration to help agencies with document signatures. Since Pastor started using this integration, they have saved at least 1.5 weeks on admin.

“The Adobe Sign integration within Reapit’s Agency Cloud platform provides our team with a fast, secure and cost-effective way of issuing documents requiring signature to our customers. With the integration our team can have agreements with our customers and ready to sign within minutes, reducing our printing costs and occasional postage costs. As a business we are conscious of the impact unnecessary printing can have on the environment and we look to, where possible, reduce the amount of printing that we do by digitising our content, which the integration with Adobe Sign has allowed us to do. By using Adobe Sign and Reapit’s Agency Cloud platform to create digital forms of these agreements, we have been able to provide more flexibility and a better experience to our customers. On average, we estimate around 15-20 minutes of time saved per document from preparation to confirming receipt and ensuring safe return of the signed agreement. Year-to-date figures have shown that based on the number of agreements sent we have saved over 1.5 weeks’ worth of time that we have been able to refocus towards delivering our award-winning customer service.”

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