Mayhews employee doubles properties sold per month using Marketing Intelligence

Award-winning independent estate agent Mayhews used Reapit’s Marketing Intelligence (MI) tool to improve their data and boost their sales performance. It helped one of their employees double the amount of properties they sold per month for three consecutive months: 

“At Mayhews we have been working with our Customer Success Manager to improve data entry, integrity and maximise opportunities within Reapit’s Agency Cloud. Using the ‘Applicant Analysis’ and being able to hone in on when a buyer is likely to make an offer once we have added them to the system, we have been able to improve our sales performance and how we manage our applicants. An example of this would be Katie, who was struggling to prioritise which applicants needed tending to and when. Using the MI tool, we were able to focus her attention on speaking to applicants within the first 3 weeks of registration, almost every other day, as this is when they are likely to offer. As a result of this Katie has doubled the amount of properties sold per month for the last 3 Consecutive months.”

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