Marchand Petit increased viewing numbers by nearly a quarter

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The team at Marchand Petit worked closely with their CSM to mine the database for opportunities and boost efficiencies. This resulted in a 22% increase in viewings, and allowed them to spend more time providing better service to vendors, leading to a 17% drop in withdrawals.

“We held four sessions with our Customer Success Manager over two days to help our teams mine the database further for opportunities, and to streamline the way they are operating already. By working more efficiently and mining the data it allows more time for quality conversations with prospective clients and existing vendors. Viewing numbers have increased by 22% and offers have increased which means positive results for our vendors. The other benefit is that we have been providing better and more regular contact with our existing vendors which means our withdrawal levels have dropped by 17%.”

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In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?