Lisney views live data from every branch using Reapit’s Management Dashboards

March 23rd, 2020

Reapit’s customisable Power Organiser provides Lisney’s senior leadership with powerful Management Dashboards that give them a complete overview of live data from across all their branches.

“Lisney have recently relaunched their Management Dashboard using the Reapit Agency Cloud Power Organiser. This gives the residential senior leadership team live data from across all branches showing property stock, financial figures, and detailed breakdown of performance over their entire network. The tools ensure that data quality levels maintain the high Lisney standard at all times.
The reporting, previously gathered and processed individually by each office for management meetings, can now be acted upon much in real time, saving valuable time at both branch and head office levels. The considerable time saved is reinvested by staff who focus on continually delivering award-winning customer service that Lisney customers are pleased to receive.”

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