Lisney processed over 2,500 portal enquires in six months with Reapit’s Internet Registrations tool

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Using Reapit’s Internet Registrations tool, Lisney managed to save almost three working weeks over six months to refocus time across their business.

“Lisney have been using the Internet Registrations tool within the Reapit Agency Cloud product to process enquiries from Internet Portals.

The tool helps staff to process enquiries from Customers onto our database in an extremely effective and efficient manner allowing us to give quick and accurate responses. In the last six months alone, we processed over 2,500 portal enquiries in this way which has saved us on average three minutes or more per enquiry. This has given us almost three working weeks back across our business to refocus the time usually spent on admin related tasks which we can now ensure is spent providing the best level of service to our Customers. The tool is very easy for staff to use and allows us to use the technology to not only improve business process, but also to report on and analyse what is being sent and processed via online platforms.”

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In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?
In your opinion, should Stamp Duty be reformed?