Leaders shares how Reapit onboarded their 150+ branch agency with ease

When Leaders wanted to integrate their sales offer onto one system, Reapit’s track record, training and migration support won the day. Watch this Reapit Case Study below to discover just how easy the onboarding process was for everyone involved.

Kevin Shaw, Group Managing Director at Leaders Romans Group

Why did you choose Reapit?

“Leaders and Romans merged back in 2016 and we found ourselves, unsurprisingly, with two different software systems for sales. So, over the course of 18 months we looked at integrating the two so we could benefit more readily from website integration to help with digital marketing, assist our call centre at head office to make sure they’re both working off the same system, assist with the passing of referrals, and more generally, help to ensure the smooth running of the business.

So, we decided we wanted to integrate the two, and looked at various options to achieve this. Romans had a very successful period with Reapit since about 2009, and our suppliers with Leaders also did a good job, but we felt we needed to integrate and have one system.

We went through quite a complicated and robust process. Reapit pitched for the business as did a couple of other suppliers. We wanted to go with Reapit, mainly because of their track record, but also the assistance in training and migration support during what was quite a complicated and large migration of data. We run a business that stretches from Manchester to Eastbourne, so there are a lot of offices to deal with and handle.

The project went extremely smoothly, we had a project leader on our side, Reapit did the same, we had regular conference calls each week, and the whole process hit target, we were there on 30th November 2018 as we wanted to be, and things went to plan, so we’re very comfortable and happy that we chose the right supplier.”

What is it like working with Reapit?

“I think it was a collaboration from day one really. We scoped the project out, we had regular meetings, we had regular conferences calls, we made sure we tracked progress pretty closely as you can imagine, there was a partnership between the two businesses which I think was really important. The people side of it was good as well, Reapit were very responsive to issues and problems that do come up in this size of migration, and all in all it worked extremely smoothly and efficiently for us, we hit our target date. We wanted the migration done by the end of November so we could have December for the business to handle it and really bed in and be ready in the new year. It all went nicely to plan.”

What has the feedback from the other branches been like?

“The feedback from branches and middle management has been very positive. I must admit that I tend to look quite regularly at the daily reports and some of the analysis behind all of that to see how the business is performing. I always take the view that if there is a problem and it doesn’t get to my desk then it can’t be very big. So, generally speaking, like all relationships there’s the occasional thing that needs resolving, but we’re very happy.”

What do you like most about working with Reapit?

“We’re very excited about some of the technology improvements that Reapit are planning, so I think that shows that, like Leaders Romans Group, they’re very much forward thinking in terms of where the business is going. That coupled with the regional support that we get, the visibility from the Reapit team, there’s training and there’s support; so it is an ongoing partnership, not just something where we started off and then went off on two different tangents, so that’s worked extremely well.”

What would you say to those thinking of working with Reapit?

“I would say go for it. Reapit is reliable, innovative and we also have a great working relationship, and in business you want to be able to work with people that you can deal with, collaborate with and have some fun along the way, so I think it’s a good partnership.”

Watch the full video to discover more about Leaders’ onboarding experience.

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